ToolFreak Work Gloves

Comfortable, stylish they’ve got you covered in your daily tasks

With their SBR padded palms, the gloves absorb shocks and protect your hands from cuts and scrapes.

Carrying difficult items? Reinforced anti-slip palms and fingers ensure you never lose your grip.

If you’re working in the cold, the thermal lined palms and backs option will lock in the heat to keep your hands warm all day long.

And with the simple velcro closures, you can adjust the gloves to fit your hands perfectly in seconds.

On top of the outstanding protection these strong double-stitched gloves provide, they also ensure maximum flex, shaping to your hands to provide unrestricted movement.

And, being ToolFreak work gloves, these won’t cramp your style. Designed to look good as well as feel good, ToolFreak Work Gloves provide stylish protection in any situation.Reduce the  risk of injury or discomfort while working.

For all-day comfort, protection and style, the light, flexible and breathable ToolFreak Work Gloves are perfect for you.