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Why Work Gloves Are So Important.


At ToolFreak having worked on the TOOLS for the last 20 odd years we understand the needs for a good pair of safety gloves, we stock or own ToolFreak brand as well as Dewalt and Stanley Safety Gloves.

There are many things to consider when selecting the correct safety gloves, we list all the risks and hazards below, if you want to check out our range you can do HERE.

Identify The Potential Hazards

By identifying the hazards your hands might be exposed to while executing your task, will make choosing the right work gloves an easier task. The potential hazards can be classified under five chief categories:

Chemicals- These are harmful to your hands because most of them might have adverse effects on your skin and health once they come into contact with the skin.

Scratches, Abrasions, and cuts- these are hazards that are potentially caused by shrill edges and rough surfaces. You wear gloves to protect your hands from getting cut or scratched by such surfaces.

Electrical Power- these are hazards caused by exposure of bare hands to electric current.

Pathogens, bacteria, and viruses- These hazards are infectious agents that are usually found in body fluids, blood, and other materials and liquid substances that might get into contact with your skin.

Temperature- These are hazards that occur when your hands are exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat. You wear gloves to prevent your hands from freezing or burning.

  1. Assess The Material That Could Best Protect Your Hands From These Hazards
    After identifying the potential hazards your hands might be exposed to, the next step is to choose the type of material that will suit your job. Pick the best material that will protect your hands against the dangers of the task you executes.

Do a simple research of the best work gloves that suits your task and work situations. There are work gloves that best protect you from chemical hazards, temperature exposure, electrical power, or any other hazard that you might be exposed to.

A majority of people have the mentality that the best work gloves are made of leather, especially cowhide. However, different hazards call for different materials. However, gloves made from leather are popular because of their durability and flexibility. But they might not be the best for protecting your hands from high temperatures as leather retain heat and may burn your skin.

It’s good to research the work gloves that best suit your condition.

  1. Select The Best Work Gloves Available In The Market

Having decided on the type of material that best suit your working conditions, you can proceed to select work gloves from the available options in the market. The common types of work gloves include:

Aluminized work Gloves- These are designed to protect your hands from intense temperatures. They are made from metallic (aluminized) material and are commonly used by people who work in conditions that involve handling hot or molten materials.

Disposable work Gloves- These are created with lightweight plastics and are used to protect your hands against minor irritants.

Chemical Resistance Gloves- These type of gloves are used when working with diluters, corrosives, and oils. Having been made from a specialized chemical resistance material, chemical resistance gloves are designed to protect your hands from coming into contact with any chemical you might be working with. You can currently choose from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Natural rubber, Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Neoprene, Norfoil, Flouro-elastomer, Butyl, and Nitrile.

Leather Gloves- The leather work gloves are designed to help your hands avoid injuries that may be caused by rough surfaces. They are also extremely helpful if you are working with electrical power due to the insulated liner.

Fabric Gloves- These gloves are commonly used when grasping and handling slippery materials because of their ability to increase grip. Made of cotton blends or fabric, these work gloves also protects your hands from mild cold or heat. They are also called String Knit Gloves.

Cut Resistant Gloves- These are commonly used when dealing with sharp instruments or cutting tools. They protect your hands from accidental scraped and cuts. The cut resistant work gloves are frequently from Kevlar to offer additional resistance.

  1. Identifying The Size Of The Work Glove That Fits You Best

Selecting your gloves should not end at the material that suits your work condition; it is also important to choose the work gloves that fits your hand to ensure your hands’ dexterity is not compromised.

Having understood several things and consideration to make when buying work gloves, here are the top eight gloves of 2016 that you can consider:



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