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Winter Is coming | Winter Work Gloves from ToolFreak

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and the fact is – whether we want to accept it or not – Winter. Is. Coming.(Its Here)

Nothing makes a winter work day feel longer than being ill prepared. So with that in mind, here are some top tips to help you choose the right winter work glove.

“As long as I never have to take my hands out of my pockets, winter will be fine.” Pretty hard thing to do when you are on a building site!

At ToolFreak we are always prepared so www.toolfreak.co.uk/gloves have a wide range of gloves to keep those digits warm in the winter!


Dry hands = Happy hands

It seems pretty straight forward but moisture penetrating through your gloves can have drastic consequences. Over time your body temperature will drop which can make you feel colder and in extreme cases lead to frostnip, frostbite or even hypothermia. So be sure to look for winter work gloves with some level of water resistance, the correct level depends on the task itself. But, what about when the moisture forms inside the glove?


What’s The Warmest Glove Material?

Don’t sweat it, choose Thinsulate™! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean our bodies don’t still sweat, the important thing to remember is making sure you find a winter work glove that allows the sweat to escape. The scientists at 3M figured out how to get the best of both worlds with Thinsulate™, which uses insulation to keep body heat in while allowing moisture to escape.


Make sure your winter work glove fits like… well… a glove

Fit and form is essential to finding a glove that will keep your hands toasty without sacrificing dexterity. Gloves that are too big can be hard to maneuver in and will allow more air to enter and cool your hands down. On the flip side, if your gloves are too small, they will restrict movement and won’t properly cover your hand – thus leaving your wrist exposed.

Consider the type of work

Keeping your hands warm while working is important, but there are other factors that need to be considered:

  • How physically demanding is the work?
  • Is dexterity important?
  • What is the temperature?


You can check out our winter glove range here



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