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Best Work Gloves ?? Which Way to Go

Best Work Gloves ??

With the ever increasing demands on your hands from daily tasks connected to physical and manual labour, ToolFreak recognised this fact the need to produce a versatile heavy duty glove that would combine toughness but also allow you to carry out tasks of a complex nature , ToolFreak has real tradesman experience amongst its ranks and with this real life experience in mind ToolFreak set about producing a glove fit for purpose ,

Introducing the ToolFreak Rough Framer Glove a glove that is fast becoming one of the internets best selling work gloves in its catergory

Best Work Gloves, Why You Ask ?

ToolFreak hasn’t held back when producing these heavy duty work gloves , not only are they constructed with a complex design they have added synthetic leather palms and inlays in 12 strategic posistions that contain silicone dots giving 3 features in 1 , protection from abrasion , almighty grip , superior handling

3 Fingered Design 

Whilst the need to wear gloves for protection , tasks can become a little frustrating with the constant removal when the touch of human hand is needed ,with this in mind ToolFreak produced there Heavy Duty Gloves with a 3 Finger Design allowing a toughness but allowing ultimate control where neccesary

The Gloves also feature breathable backs to allowing moisture to wick away moisture and increase flexibility , knuckle straps that enforce strength , streamlined elastic cuffs with adjustable closure making a secure , double stitched for reinforcement , concealed interior seam for snag prevention and not to mention the SBR Padded Palms giving extra comfort with increased grip ,

The ToolFreak Rough Framer Gloves is fast becoming the Best Work Glove offering unrivalled features and value within its catergory

ToolFreak are currently offering Free Standard Delivery all prices are inclusive of VAT with no hidden charges on Checkout !!

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