By combining together the best features of protective glasses and safety goggles, spoggles are the most unique and versatile piece of protective eyewear you’ve ever used!


Besides being a staple of professional and industrial protective eyewear, these safety spoggles have dozens of other uses. You can, for example, use them in sports and outdoor activities to keep the wind, dust, and debris out of your eyes!


ToolFreak spoggles are much more than a simple piece of protective eyewear. With such a stylish design, they can easily be used as a fashion accessory, especially in alternative style urban outfits!


The spoggles are manufactured to meet en166 safety standards , the frame and lens boast a mechanical “F” strength rating which was determined by firing a 6mm steel ball at them traveling at 45meters per second


When it comes to our safety spoggles, we make a point of using nothing but premium quality materials, as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control!

Product Description

Premium Safety Spoggles By ToolFreak | Perfect Combination Of Safety Glasses & Goggles | Foam Padded | Stylish Protective Eyewear | Anti Scratch |Anti Fog| 99.9% UV Protection |Tinted Smoke Lens | Suitable For Professional Industry, Sports & Outdoor Activities

Product Description

Equip Yourself With The Most Stylish Protective Eyewear Ever Made – Starting Today!

Do you have a job or task or activity that requires the use of protective eyewear?

Aren’t you sick and tired, though, of having to choose between flimsy safety glasses or bulky protective goggles?

Wouldn’t you like to have a third solution, one that combines the advantages of both, without the drawbacks of either? Because these spoggles are exactly that!

Premium Safety Spoggles – The Perfect Combination Of Safety Glasses & Goggles

If you’ve ever used protective eyewear, then you probably know what a dilemma choosing between glasses and goggles can be. Simply put, goggles are safer, but glasses are much more comfortable.

That’s what led to the design of “spoggles” – a piece of safety eyewear that combines the improves protection and stability of goggles with the lighter and more versatile frame of glasses.

Giving you the platform to be interchangeable these spoggles can be set to be worn in different ways :

  1. As a Standard Pair Of Safety Glasses
  2. As a Pair Of Safety Glasses with an attachable foam padded lining adding greater protection and increased comfort
  3. As a pair of safety goggles by removing the detachable arms and fitting the head strap supplied , giving greater compression between the face and the foam padded lining, and offering a close non slip fit

Features :

Anti Scratch and Anti Fog Resistance Coating

99.9% UV Protection

Manufactured to Meet EN166 Standards

Interchangeable Supplied with :

Frame | Detachable Arms | Detachable Foam Padded Lining | Head Strap

Spoggles are great for industrial and professional use, as well as for sports and outdoor activities