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IDEAL FOR PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY , SPORTS & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES : The new standard for safety sunglasses , staying safe and looking great , when it comes to ToolFreak safety glasses we make a point of using premium quality materials , as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control

ToolFreak Finisher Safety Glasses | Tinted Lens with Accessories



Who said being safe meant you couldn’t look cool? The ToolFreak safety glasses offer all the amenities you need in a rugged pair of eye protection, but look great doing it. This low energy impact resistant eyewear is treated to help reduce fog and scratch and aid a clearer, more precise panoramic view

Price (per unit)-£10.99

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We are experts in what we do . We have years of experience so we know what works . Not only will our equipment keep you in great shape it will keep you looking good to.
We’re firm believers in the idea that if you buy s**t you buy twice! That’s why our products have been produced for their durability. We want to provide you with goods worthy of your craft!
Along with top quality, our products are amazing value. We revolve around the core aim of giving you great stuff for a great price.
ToolFreak is striving to create better quality and value at the same time for there customers , and are working extemley hard to build our reputation .