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Sight is the most vital sense for us. We rely on our eyes more than we do any other of our five reasons so it is incredibly important to protect our eyes in every way that we can.

Depending on what kind of activity you participate in, whether it is just sun tanning at the beach or off-road mountain biking, you need a different type of eye protection.

Eye damage includes everything from a sunburn to scratched corneas, so to prevent these types of injuries you need protective eye-wear.

If eye protection is considered vital to protect our vision from regular threats, then eye protection is even made more necessary if we are engaged in work that

requires constant exposure to potential dangers to our eyes.

Dangers to your eyes include glare, foreign objects, wind and, of course, UV radiation. Older people and small children have eyes that are especially vulnerable to sun damage.

Also, anyone who has cataracts, any eye disease or has had eye surgery needs to pay particular attention to getting the right eye protection.

Dangerous chemicals

There are lots of manufacturing companies that handle infectious fluids, chemicals, acids and other caustic liquids that may ignite the worker’s eyes, thus the necessity for proper eye protection.

Health professionals also use appropriate eye protection to protect their eyes from ionizing radiation and other conceivably dangerous biological dangers.


Welders, for example, have to deal with flaming particles that shoot out of the metals being treated and also the bright glow of the weld that can cause what is called “welders flash” Some workers in manufacturing companies have to contend with acids and other caustic liquids that may find their way to the eye. Health professionals may be exposed to biological or radioactive hazards that may be too much for the eyes.

Another circumstance that would adequately be served by an eye protection sign would be where one is working with wood or other materials that discharge clouds of dust into the air, which can sting and burn if they get into your eyes. The contamination may not be lastingly blinded, but the irritation will last a while and could damage a person for numerous days. As such, eye protection is indeed better than the alternative.

Recreational ventures

Even recreational ventures demand a review of the importance of eye protection. Paintball players need eye protection to protect them from paint that may inadvertently hit their eyes, often, with so much force and the impact that injuries will be caused even before the paint begins to leave its hazardous effects. Wearing proper eye protection is very important for many outdoor activities. Whether hiking, biking, skiing, motorcycle riding or just about any other outdoor sport or event, there are many reasons why you need to protect your eyes.

Skiing & Snowboarding

While skiing and snowboarding, unprotected eyes may have trouble with snow blindness, where your eyes may react to the beams of the sun reflected off the snow or ice. Also, proper snow goggles will protect your eyes from glare which can cause you to veer off the course or even fall. Snow goggles will also protect your eyes from any tree branches that may get snapped in your face if you are skiing into an area of trees or the following someone.

Motorcycle Riding

Anyone riding a motorcycle, whether driver or passenger, should have excellent eye protection. Motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles will protect your eyes from the sun, from glare from other vehicles, but also from debris from other vehicles who may be passing you or who you may be passing by.

High Altitude Activities

Climbers and hikers must have eye protection, not just for falling objects or debris, but also from the more intense UV rays. At higher altitudes, UV rays increase about 5% for every 1000 feet in elevation. So, eye protection at high altitudes is critical to avoid eye damage.


Similar to people who ride motorcycles, bicyclists need eye protection that protects their eyes from the sun, debris, and glare. The best safety glasses are the unique fitting with aerodynamics these can be the best choice for cyclists.

Military & Law Enforcement

Eye protection for military and law enforcement is crucial, not just for protection from the sun, but for security from glare, to increase the contrast of what they view and for protection from debris or other flying objects they may encounter.


The Best Safety glasses for golfers can eliminate sun distortion and can enable the golfer to see farther and more comfortably despite low sun angles, no matter the time of day.

Other Outdoor Activities

Whether it’s kite flying, badminton, frisbee or one of the many other outdoor activities, if the sun is out, you most likely need eye protection.

Even in sports like tennis, baseball or volleyball, where your average, everyday sunglasses just won’t stay on your head due to the amount of movement you have to make, there are excellent options for these sports as well. Unique wraparound sunglasses are available that will hug your face tightly and stay on even during strenuous activities.


In mining, the safety of the eyes and the head, in general, is a primary consideration that employers and workers alike must strictly observe. Working in mining and similar types of industries can expose you to chemicals, debris, dust, extreme heat, radiation, welding sparks, and gases that are harmful not only to your eyes but your entire system.

Eye injuries in companies that deal with these risk factors are not uncommon. You should wear protective eye gear when you work in industries that get you through these circumstances. It is your most effective defense against eye hazards.

The Occupational

Health and Safety Administration requires all mining companies to provide their workers with complete personal protective equipment; many employees in the

mining sector are exposed to health and safety hazards.

This will ensure that all the parts of their body from head to foot are covered by protective gear.

These can help to protect them from injuries if accidents occur.

These are some of the jobs in mining where you might encounter potential eye hazards:

  1. Blasting and Excavation

This is one of the most common causes of eye injuries in the mining industry. Here, you will encounter debris, dust, and particles that can hurt your eyes. You should equip yourself with the proper protective gear every time you set foot in this workplace to avoid injuries.

  1. Welding

Mining involves welding; it requires the installation of structures to facilitate ease of operation. Welding creates sparks and fumes which are hazardous to your eyes and respiratory organs. You should wear proper welding mask and breathing apparatus when doing the job.

  1. Grinding

When doing this job, steel particles fly into the air which might find their way into your eyes. Wearing good quality working goggles can help to protect your eyes from the hazards of this task.

  1. Construction and Carpentry

Construction jobs are involved in the mining industry. It is another job that exposes your eyes to the risks of dust, wood, and concrete particles. You should wear

protective eye gear to protect your eyes from injury while doing construction jobs.

  1. Chemical

Handling Chemical handling is involved in the field of mining. If you work with chemicals, you run the risk hurting your eyes due to fumes or accidental splashes. Wearing protective face masks, hand gloves, eyeglasses, and safety clothing is necessary to keep you protected from injuries in case accidents happen.

These are some of the situations where eye protection is necessary for the mining work environment. Mining is a risky job, but it is necessary for the world economy to survive. As a mining worker, the best thing you can do to avoid eye and brain injuries is to follow safety precautions and to wear protective gear.

Remember, there are only two places in your head do not offer protection to your brain. These are the places where your eyes are located.

Working in a store

The transparent glasses are perfect for general work in a store or construction site. They are easy to see, protect your eyes from flying debris and have different degrees of impact-resistant lenses for an extra layer of security.

Polarized glasses

Polarized protective glasses are ideal for people who work in bright lighting situations, for example, lighting technicians in movie sets. Polarized lenses protect the eyes from intense light. However, its use is not recommended by welders or anyone working with lasers, since the glasses do not contain specialized filters.