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How To Choose The Best Safety Glasses For You | ToolFreak

How To Choose The Best Safety Glasses For You:

Not all safety glasses are created equal. Here’s what you need to look for when you’re shopping for a pair for work, home or to supply your employees:


1. What safety features are included?

Quality protective glasses have special features to ensure that your eyes are kept safe no matter what work you’re doing. Check the features match your purpose. For example, if you’re doing welding, chainsawing, or anything with flying sparks or debris, you should make sure the lenses are reinforced and that they are fully enclosed. There are international standards for safety glasses – if you need heavy duty protection, check that the manufacturers state that their glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 regulation for protective lenses.


2. Do they have an anti-fog design?

Hard work, whatever it is, can involve sweat and sweat is a surefire way to fog up your glasses. Many quality models of protective glasses have side ventilation or anti-fog components built into the lenses so that your vision isn’t affected when things get hot.


3. Will they be comfortable to wear for long periods?

If you’re working for long periods of time, you need something that’s not going to feel heavy or cut into the side of your head. Check that any glasses you’re considering have bands that are designed to frame your face comfortably and sit snugly over your ears, or some models fit more like goggles and have an elastic band for enhanced comfort.


4. Do you need to buy in bulk?

If you’re an employer, protecting your workers’ eyes is an important responsibility which also protects your business. If you need to provide glasses to several employees, there are many models that you can buy in bulk, saving on price per item and postage.


5. Is the price right?

The cost of a pair of safety glasses can vary quite a bit – from $5 to up to $20 a pair – or even $15 or $20 for a bulk lot of twelve pairs for all your workers. It all depends on the features you want and how much you’re willing to pay. Many quality glasses cost far less than you’d expect – so look at the specs rather than the price – a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better product.


6. What Do The Reviews Say?

Naturally, anyone who wants to sell you a product will tell you it’s brilliant. The real test is what unbiased customers have to say about their experience with it. Take the time to read a few reviews (from both sides of the fence) of any model you’re considering purchasing. But, at the same time, remember to take poor reviews with a grain of salt and remember that a person is much more likely to take to their keyboard and write a review if they have a problem than if they’re totally satisfied.


7. What personal requirements do you have?

If you usually wear prescription glasses, protective eyewear is equally as important. You can either get prescription lenses fitted into your safety goggles or glasses or, for a cheaper option, many pairs are designed to fit over bifocals without changing your vision and enhancing safety.


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