Author: ben hartshorn

The Increasing demand for sports safety glasses

Sports-related eye injuries are now the leading cause of eye injuries in the UK, but it’s not the most obvious or popular sports causing all the damage. In the UK, there are 50 hospital admissions for eye injuries occurring due to a mishap on a trampoline. ToolFreak Safety Glasses While trampolining creates an interesting case […]

Sports and Essential Protective Wear: Know Your Accessories

Sports and Essential Protective Wear: Know Your Accessories If you are a dedicated player then you must be aware of all the accessories that you need to add safety to your routines. Yeah, the list is quite big but here we are going to talk about the most essential item in your list and that […]

How to Enjoy Healthy Vision for A Long Run

Don’t take your eyes for granted; they are most important part of your body. The fact is that few preventive actions can save them well. Below are few essential tips for eye safety that can help you to enjoy healthy vision for years. Keep reading and make these tricks a part of your lifestyle. Focus […]