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Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti Vibration Gloves

If you’re someone who frequently operates power tools and equipment with high frequency vibration or high impact then you’re at risk for developing hand-arm vibration syndrome and you need to protect yourself.

Anti-vibration gloves are an essential accessory if you’re at risk. Examples of of power tools and equipment that cause hand-arm vibration syndrome are:

  • Jackhammers
  • Chainsaws
  • Grinders
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Sanders
  • Pneumatic Drills
  • Power Drills

If you work in any of the industries listed below as a laborer then you’re likely at risk. If you’re a manager then don’t worry, telling other people what to do and watching them won’t put you at risk.

  • Constructionƒƒ
  • Mining
  • Mechanic
  • Forestry
  • Smelting
  • Manufacturing

hand-arm syndrome is a serious problem born from the industrial age as heavy-duty power tools have become more prevalent in the workplace. It’s a condition that affects the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints in your hands, arms and wrists. Injuries typically occur at frequencies somewhere between 5 and 2000 Hz but the most critical risk is when the frequency is between 50 and 150 Hz.

What are the symptoms and signs of HAVS?

The first signs of hand-arm vibration syndrome are tingling (pins and needles) in your fingers. It will start off in the tips of your fingers and will likely come and go but as the condition progresses and if you continue to work without protection then it will move down to throughout your entire finger, which may also become white.

If you allow it to progress then eventually all feeling will be lost. Over time your manual dexterity will be greatly diminished and your nerves and muscles will be affected. Cold weather will make the condition worse, causing an immense amount of pain. If left untreated this condition can be debilitating. Fine motor tasks such as buttoning up your shirt or holding a coil will become difficult. The severity of your symptoms will ebb and flow throughout the day, bouncing around from varying degrees of symptoms.

If you have any symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome you should immediately stop using any power tools and go see your doctor. Don’t ignore these symptoms. They won’t go away unless you change your behavior. If you continue to use your power tools then your symptoms will get worse over time. Prevention is the key.

How can you avoid HAVS?

The first thing you can do to avoid this problem is simply to buy better power tools. It starts with the quality of the tools you use. Spend the money to buy tools that have anti-vibration technology built into the tool. You have to start there — with the tool.

It costs more money to buy a well-made tool but what’s your health worth? We’ve written many articles on chainsaws and the one thing I always recommend is that people spend their money on a chainsaw with anti-vibration technology. Don’t even think about it. Your health is the only thing you truly have in this world. Protect it.

Anti-vibration power tools significantly reduce the amount of vibration transmitted through the handles of the tool and onto the operator. This Makita Jackhammer (HM1810X3) is a good example of a tool engineered to protect you.

Anti-vibration technology simply reduces the amount of vibration transmitted through the machine by using dampeners and other innovative engineering tricks. The lower the vibration then the longer you can use that tool safely and your risk of developing hand-arm vibration syndrome is significantly reduced. Besides buying quality power tools with anti-vibration technology you can also buy anti-vibration gloves to give you and extra layer of protection.

Anti-vibration gloves won’t compensate for buying a cheap tool without anti-vibration technology so don’t expect any of these gloves to protect you from a bad tool. Even if the vibration is minimal from your tools I would still highly recommend the use of anti-vibration gloves to eliminate the risk completely. Why risk your health?

Luckily, all of these gloves are relatively inexpensive. Anti-vibration gloves coupled with quality tools will make your work experience far more comfortable, but more importantly, much safer.

One last thing you should be aware of when buying a quality pair of anti-vibration gloves: There are established standards and regulations that determine if the gloves you are buying have been tested and approved for anti-vibration protection. These are the two main organizations that you should know about:



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