Month: March 2017

Sports Eye Protection History | ToolFreak

Modern sports as we know them are products of the Industrial Revolution. Increased leisure time allowed for time to play, and mass production provided affordable sporting equipment. And from very early on, safety gear of all types was widespread during the rise of popular sports — after all, safer activities allow for wider and longer […]

History Of Safety Eyewear | ToolFreak

March is  is National Safety eye wear Month, a month in which we need to accept our own personal responsibility for our safety, including safety eyewear. Which got me to thinking about the history of Safety Eyewear. Ergo we are celebrating  National Safety Month: The best resource is Optical Heritage Museum  Looking at their time line: 1850-Railroad […]

The History Of Safety Goggles | ToolFreak

The Inuit and Yupik people carved Inuit safety goggles from caribou antler, wood, and shell to help prevent snow blindness. The goggles were curved to fit the user’s face and had a large groove cut in the back to allow for the nose. A long thin slit was cut through the goggles to allow in […]

Introducing the ToolFreak Spoggle Safety Glasses | ToolFreak

We are are proud to introduce the ToolFreak Spoggle this amazingly versatile product will be hitting the shelves in the not too distant future.   Premium Safety Spoggles By ToolFreak | Perfect Combination Of Safety Glasses & Goggles | Foam Padded | Stylish Protective Eyewear | Anti Scratch |Anti Fog| 99.9% UV Protection |Tinted Smoke Lens […]