Month: February 2017

Spoggles May Save your Eyesight!

Spoggles So, for those of you not in the environmental health and safety field, I feel I should do a quick follow-up post. We Just posted in our most recent blog about the top spoggles you can buy, but with our range of ToolFreak Spoggles coming out we thought we should follow it up a […]

What are the best safety glasses for sun protection? | ToolFreak

With Sunnier Climates on the way as move into springtime, there are multiple ranges of safety glasses that offer 100% UV Protection. Prescription glasses and most sunglasses are usually not suitable for use as protective eyewear against airborne workplace hazards. Safety Glasses must comply with British Standards and provide appropriate protection against the hazard. Depending on […]

Safety Glasses Lowdown | ToolFreak

Safety Glasses and Goggles: Your Guide to Protective Eyewear Why risk losing precious eyesight when wearing safety glasses or protective goggles can keep your eyes safe for a lifetime of good vision? According to Prevent Blindness America, each year more than 700,000 Americans injure their eyes at work, and another 125,000 injure their eyes at […]

Sports Safety Glasses | ToolFreak

With the new ToolFreak Safety Glasses wear very close to hitting the shelves, it is apparent that our safety glasses range is suitable for more fields than industry, we look into safety glasses for all ranges of sports and day to day activity. We feel that the new ToolFreak range will be able to provide […]

Why should we wear Safety Goggles? | ToolFreak

At ToolFreak we advocate the use of all PPE and safety goggles rank high on our list of the most important safety wear in the work place. Here is a interesting read about why you should wear safety goggles everywhere that they are required. Laboratories are hazardous places. It’s easy to forget that when you […]

What is a Spoggle? | ToolFreak

Spoggles are foam-lined safety glasses. A spoggle combines safety glasses (spectacles) with a foam lining so that your eyes are in an enclosed protected area. They work similar to goggles but they are not as bulky and obtrusive, the ventilation works better, and they come in several different styles and colors. So effectively a Spoggle […]

How to choose your safety glasses by grade | ToolFreak

 Safety glasses protect against a range of different hazards. You can identify which hazards your glasses are certified to protect against by looking at their rating. The type of eye protection provided is shown by the combination of letters and numbers on the glasses. These letters and numbers are designated by different legislation, for instance […]